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It was day 3 following the crucifixion of Jesus. Everyone was locked in a room going over the recent events. Some were plotting their escape (some had already), others were too afraid to move. The most recent update: someone had stolen the body of Jesus, or at least that’s what some believed. Mary Magdalene kept crying out that she had literally seen Jesus in the garden.

Then there was ‘Doubting’ Thomas. He’ll never be remembered for much more. Adding to the already toxic atmosphere, Thomas decries the report from Mary and announces,

Not until I can put my fingers into the wounds of his side will I believe.

In the midst of the fear and confusion Jesus suddenly appears and says to Thomas while lifting his tunic,

Come and put your fingers here….

The story doesn’t say if Thomas actually did, he probably crumpled to the floor after the encounter instead.

We’re all doubters like Thomas, and it takes incredible work to live out the opposite of doubt — believe in the best.

Doubt is corrosive. Assume the best until proven otherwise. Easier said than done, but worth the struggle, because our belief will reveal the best in others and ourselves.