“How are you doing?”

After an audible gasp of feigned disbelief the reply, “Busy…….wow….just BUSY.”

Really? Cause you watch 2 hours of Netflix a night, how are you be so BUSY?!

Are you someone who seems to be busy all the time, but when you think about it, you’re not entirely sure how or why, or what it is you’re accomplishing with all of your busyness?

We live in a culture of busy. For some, busy = value where we want to matter especially in our own story. Or maybe you’re just not very good at telling others, ‘no’. For others, you are busy, holding down 2 jobs to make ends meet.

There is a detriment to a culture of busy.

Church culture overvalues busy. Every work for a church? Those pastors are BUSY. Always doing something, meeting someone, planning a thing. Heck, there’s even a ‘tithe’ of time imposed on church employees to justify overworking. The notion revolve around proving value by showing how much you’re doing.

But being BUSY isn’t all cut out to be. In fact, being unnecessarily BUSY means you may not have priorities in line.

Poor church leadership means you do everything because everyone else doesn’t know how (or at least to your own liking). That means you probably have less time to stop and pause, or develop some depth in things that matter–like relationships. Instead, you’re running from one stop to the next, sometimes even during the Sabbath rest.

Here are some thoughts to consider when balancing busy.

  1. Busyness can give us a false sense of purpose, the busier we are the more value we feel we have. Conversely, if we’re idle, we try to measure the value of ‘nothing’ time (which is very little). In response, we’ll fill the void with anything, even if it’s not something we’d normally do in a healthy rhythm.
  2. Busyness is a way to avoid digging deeper. I know a number of people who can’t handle being left alone because then they’d be alone with their thoughts and that brings up deeper questions like: loneliness, purpose, relationships (lack thereof), God, etc. There is a skill to be able to stop and reflect and listen (although you can go to the other ditch to isolation).
  3. Being busy also means superficiality. Busy can mean less time to go deep with just a few (after all you gotta meet everyone.) You can’t see everyone, and if you try, it comes at the expense of meaningful relationships (think the potential of best friends).
  4. Busyness prevents us from noticing things that matter because we’re going to fast. Not just relationships, but our own formation as well. Think about crashing and needing to take a sabbatical because you didn’t make good self-care choices (that’s me).
  5. Busyness detracts from rest or pause. If you have to schedule rest then you may be too busy (but at least you get the rest). The health issues stemming from constantly moving include anxiety, weight gain, and stress.

Business may seem valuable to other busy people, but it detracts from depth, and depth people notice others with a lack of capacity to go deep.

What can you do about BUSY? Try this. Take one thing and cancel it. Or take one thing you think you need and cancel that so you don’t have to work as much and you free up some time. In it’s place don’t replace. Use the time to either do nothing, or spend time in 1 relationship. You’re life will change for the better.