This picture means a lot to me.

Seven years ago I never would have believed I would’ve be standing on stage sharing my brief story. Actually I should rephrase that. Seven years ago I never would have believed WE, my church community, would be in the place it is today.

This shot is from a recent gathering put on by multiple churches, hosted by World Vision, featuring guest speaker Emmanual Jal. Together for one Sunday, we witnessed a beautiful exercise of unity in diversity, modelling that despite our differences there is a oneness in Jesus Christ. There’s something unique and special when churches can combine, not only for the sake of a special service, but also combine resources to impact the world in the neighborhood, in the city, and in the world. This particular event sponsored children from Simba, Congo, and also featured stories of the Gospel in the neighborhood at home.

My community was one among many, and to me this is a milestone worth acknowledging. Seven years after I started Calgary Missional Church I never imagined it would be: A) still in existence today; B) meandering through a Gospel call to put the world to rights. Well the next seven years bring? I have no idea, but I know in the post-Christian world the best we have is to embody the character of Jesus in the neighborhood for the long haul.