David Fitch Tweeted this morning:

It’s not wonder Christendom is collapsing, we have eliminated 50% of our potential leaders for centuries. There’s a discussion on his Facebook profile too. That particular post included a quip from an ex-national president of one of Canada’s largest evangelical organization emphasizing the problem–rather than talking about the issue he deflected away from the heart of the question: the systemic roll theology has played restricting women leaders in the church and how this harms mission.

The tweet coincided with this post, commentary on a recent New Leaf gathering (as an aside, you’ll see me at New Leaf periodically):

When a Woman Asks, “Should I Be a Pastor?”

If there was one piece to her questions was the fact Allison needed to dig deeper. Until we can confront the systems in place that restrict women in ministry we’ll be driving in polite endless circles. Her comments are unfortunately completely accurate: there is an absence of women pastors at the learning table, and a complete absence of women church planters. Most denominations are still stuck in the miry clay restricting church function to gender rather than gifting.

(The corollary to her post is whether denominational sanctioned ordination is even necessary in a post-Christendom world. A post for another time.)