I follow a lot of blogs, but sifting through all of the posts can be arduous at times. There are only a couple of bloggers/writers I never fail to miss. Seth Godin is one of them, not because of his marketing wisdom, but he’s also an interesting writer. (His style might also have to do with it, little vignettes that are easy to read, yet pack a punch to make you think. I think I will be adjusting the way I blog to reflect this kind of style.)

One of his most recent posts is called the, “Instant Yes“.

How many people in your life right now would you give an instant yes to if they asked for something? It takes a certain amount of relational equity before you reach this level of friendship.

One of the frustrating components of new ministries and small groups (or any ministry for that matter), is trying to get people excited for a shared community and relationship. It’s the difference between going to a small group because it’s a task, versus holding genuine excitement to see the people you love.

It’s hard to get to this point; deep relationships take time. One way to pursue this kind of relationship is simply, yet profoundly, embodied presence. Are you the kind of person who will offer an instant ‘yes’ to others? Or are you the kind of person who defaults to, “let me pray about it and get back to you” mentality?

One opens the door to deeper, the other only does what’s convenient.

Perhaps that’s a bit too simplistic (and crass), but in the very least, it starts to reveal where our true heart lies….