As I write this post my first book, an adult coloring book called “Soul Coats”, is being printed! Back in the Fall I sat at a Thanksgiving dinner with some new friends and the topic of adult coloring came back. I jokingly mentioned, “if there’s not Bible one I’ll make one….” Little did I know I’d eat my words. I checked, and there wasn’t a notable adult bible coloring book.

Fast forward to January and I decided to take a serious look at the idea. I ordered all the Bible coloring books on the market and had a look. To my surprise the quality of the art was really poor. I knew I could do better, but one problem–I don’t illustrate….

So the project depended on the ability to find talented illustrators, which I found almost right away, a team actually.

Mid-January I made the decision to commit to the project, with one caveat, it had to come out ASAP, in 5 months if possible. Creating a book in such a short time period is a bit crazy (the printers had a friendly laugh). But, alas, 5 months later the final files were sent off and this week it will be printed here in Canada.

What’s going to make this venture a success? A few things:

    • The art is beautiful and will rival the top coloring books on the market


  • The illustrations follow a specific narrative. I’m telling a story of restoration connected to God’s Kingdom hope. It may not be evident, but the images are a unique reflection of God’s story for creation.
  • I’m going to release an accompanying study guide for free to guide some thoughtful process/dreaming around the illustration.

All that to say, tell all your friends! I want to get this in as many hands as possible (and I don’t want a garage full of books.)

How can you help?

Buy the book (buying in pre-sale is even better)! Share with your friends! Buy a box for your mom!

Here are the social media details so you can connect (I will update shipping details once they are worked out):