The world seems to have two kinds of people: the ones who see an idea and say, “that was mine!”, and the ones make ideas ‘mine!’. Giving life to ideas is hard, it’s work, and when it comes to creativity and creative pursuits, you have to keep throwing mud against the wall even when nothing sticks…for years.

I was reading, ‘Big Magic’ by Elizabeth Gilbert and thoroughly enjoyed her honest reflections describing the creative/writer life. If you’re unfamiliar with her work, she penned, ‘Eat, Pray, Love’.

One of her vignettes talked about ideas, how ideas have a life–literally–and will land upon a creative recipient ready to be molded and expressed. However, if you ignore an idea, that idea will one day up and leave to a someone new who will give the idea its due.

I’ve returnde back to a book I started last January. It’s a non-fiction piece that I had content from prior years, but finally came together in a rough draft. I stopped completing it in hopes it would be picked up by a publisher. That didn’t happen. So after publishing Soul Coats this Summer, I’m returning back to, “Adventures” in hopes that the idea hasn’t left me for someone else….

Hopefully Ill have some news on this project by Winter, think of it as, “what’s next in the realm of missional church?”