Readers of my blog will be privy to a little secret.

Here’s the scene. It’s August of last year. I scroll across an Instagram photo on a friend’s feed. It’s a mere shot of pencil crayons. Not very exciting, but it’s what there for that piques my brief interest–a new rage of adult colouring books. I’ll be honest, I didn’t think much about it after.

Fast forward to October and I’m at a thanksgiving dinner with a group of new friends (mostly women). The subject turns to colouring books as I sit there listening to tale after tale of the exciting escapades of colouring books. The table unanimously offers delighted affirmation of the new trend.

I’m thinking, this colouring thing keeps coming up, so I ask,

“Is there a Bible adult coloring book?”

I’m thinking there’s Bible everything, and Bible people buy Bible anything, so maybe there’s an opportunity to make literally tens of dollars.

“No.” Was the reply. I jokingly say, “If there isn’t, I’ll make one….”

I check Amazon and lo and behold there were no Bible related adult colouring books on the market. Uh oh…no more jokes.

That was October. Fast forward to December and adult colouring exploded into the stratosphere of best selling books, and the empty Bible sub-market? 20 new Bible colouring books and more to come soon. Great, there goes my idea. Out of curiosity I buy a bunch and to my surprise? Almost all of them are less than stellar art wise yet get great reviews.

The best selling colouring books are beautiful creations, but most of the books I saw, especially the Bible ones, were mediocre at best. There’s room to make one better and I was convinced I could.

Trouble is, I don’t draw….

I run the idea by a dear friend, Riley Rossmo, who’s a professional illustrator (currently on the DC series ‘Constantine’). Creators/artists/entrepreneurs always have ideas, so that’s not novel, but a winning idea worth following through, that’s special.

“It could work,” he said. I know it can be done but will it sell?

After dotting some i’s and crossing some t’s I think it can work too.

Trouble is, I can’t draw!

The final piece missing was a lead illustrator that was both talented and believed in the project. We found someone, and her work is amazing, but it’s what she said in our first face to face meeting that caught me off guard. “I quit my job to get back into illustrating full-time, and I was praying for a project that I could express my faith, then you called….”

What are you supposed to say to that?! I said, “uhhhhhhhh………I think this might work!”

So about that little secret? I can’t say too much, but something’s being made and it’s coming out this Spring/Summer. Stay tuned for another update as I announce the details and ways you can connect to the project. Tell your mom and all your colouring book friends….