This past year marked a shift in the central focus of my blog. Here are the top 10 highlights of the past year. Top 10 Posts of 2015

  1. Why Big Churches in Canada May Hit Troubled Waters
  2. 10 Questions to Ask Before Embarking on Short Term Mission Work
  3. Tough Questions to ask before enrolling in seminary or bible college
  4. Mike Breen is Wrong: Why Missional Won’t Fail
  5. Christian music has little substance: 5 Problems & 6 ideas for deeper
  6. Incrementalism is Killing the Church
  7. Why Millennials Aren’t in Church and Aren’t as Smart as you Think
  8. The Unequivocal Reality of Bi-Vocational Church Planting
  9. The Crippling Loneliness of Church Planting
  10. Church Planting at a Cool 1/4 Million Dollars Each

Thanks to all readers and visitors, heads up for 2016… Hoping for a 3 book year, maybe a podcast or two, and more ideas and stories to share.

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