There are two kinds of church planters: those that believe the ‘more the merrier’, and those that protect their own sandbox.

The former is content to plod along living out the character of Jesus in the neighborhood inviting other traditions and groups to participate in collaboration. The latter is either oblivious of others or protective of their ‘turf’ when other churches emerge in the vicinity.

There was a time when denominational boundaries mattered. The subtle differences between traditions were enough to differentiate churches. Turns out, people outside of Christianity don’t care. The church is so obscure it doesn’t bear any need for deep investigation. Which makes you wonder: why would a church planter ignore partnerships?

Sandbox protectors are either so big they don’t care what others are doing around them, or so preoccupied in their own ‘thing’ that their expiration is inevitable. For the rest, keep the door open to connecting with like-minded Kingdom centered communities in the neighborhood regardless of denominational creed. You will be pleasantly surprised where collaboration can take you (even if it means sharing people).

One day it might mean the difference between life and death of your own community.