Matthew 14:22-36 is a story of Peter responding to the call of Jesus and ultimately walking on water (and sinking). Some translations say he was afraid and doubted, but a better word would be hesitated.

When Peter got out of the rickety boat rocking on the churning open waters I think it’s a moment of triumph. Once he got out and realized his feet were floating on water–well that would make anybody pause (even though Jesus was already doing the same). The feat shouldn’t be ignored because I think it reminds us it’s OK to hesitate in the face of insurmountable odds even when God’s in your midst.

After all, Peter didn’t drown.

Here’s the crux, he may have hesitated but Peter ultimately said ‘yes’ to the call and got OUT of the boat. Even though he delayed he still was qualified and eventually built to be a foundational figure in the early church. Now that’s grace!