As I sit here and write this post I’m eavesdropping on a bunch of church planters shooting the breeze about the ups and downs of urban church planting. It’s interesting to hear about their struggles and what they call triumphs. What I find interesting is the kind of language they use–it’s heavily reminiscent of church planting language from the 70s and 80s.

The ‘harvest’ is plentiful, the ‘workers’ are few, the ‘unreached’ still need to be reached, the ‘pagans’ still need to be saved, the ‘pastors’ are still working hard striving towards their proverbial ‘fruit’.

The language we use is reflection of where our head and heart lie. Too many church planters are too used to fragmented language that creates (in many times false) dichotomies of us vs. them.

When we can acknowledge we’re all equally broken and share in an everlasting hope together, we’ve created an equal ground that a community can grow from and learn to love itself and move beyond.