No this isn’t a post on how great or poor Tebow is (although you can’t argue with wins regardless of how pretty they are). Rather, this post is one about American culture and how one piece of evidence flies in the face of so-called Christianized culture.

Painted under Tebow’s eyes is the John 3:16 passage, crowd favorite for evangelicals looking to save souls. John 3:16, you know, in fact, everyone does right? Wrong.

In the supposed nation of Christianity, God’s chosen (OK I’m getting carried away) don’t even know one of the most iconic (in pop culture) pieces of scripture.

The #1 Google search in all of America following the January 9th, win was ‘John 3:16’.

Now, it’s possible that not everyone was looking for the actual scripture reference (although most were I’d surmise), but searchers were in the least looking for interpretation.

The numbers of searches represented in the #1 term for a particular trend is in the million, if not more.


I think this is an apt reflection into the heart of America. Despite boasting in their religiosity even the most basic form of evangelicalism sits unknown. A sobering reality of the culture to come and what has already arrived in America.