There’s something very wrong in Christianity (I’ll use evangelicals as an example because they’re the ones getting all the attention).

Evangelicals, ironically, don’t understand what evangelism is.

They think rationally convicting someone about Jesus is evangelism. To me that’s far too narrow.

Christianity Today had an article about whether handing out tracts was still a viable evangelism tool. My question was, “that’s not even evangelism to begin with.”

Handing out tracts was never evangelism because “telling people” about Jesus is not evangelism.

This isn’t nitpicking either.

Some Christians may still live under the illusion that tracts and TV programs work for ‘soul winning’ people, but the rest of the world understands that we don’t exist in a world where all we have to do is ‘remind’ people where they came from, knowing they have all the religious stories locked somewhere way back in memory.

Christians could do themselves a favour and start contextualizing their lives to reflect Christ-like attributes rather than being Pharisaic regulation lovers who are always the first to point out the plank in someone else’s eye.

Tracts could be used by God to glimpse his glory, but that’s only because God can work within our feeble expressions, not because we make the best choices.

Do better by living better. A good book for evangelicals to pick up and honestly read is Leonard Sweet’s ‘NUDGE’.

Proclamation of the Gospel is a life worth living. Evangelism is previewing the Kingdom of God in your own life so that others may catch a glimpse.