I was walking to a Flames game and had to snap a picture of this sign at a hidden church in downtown Calgary.

church sign calgary

All I can say is FAIL. Here’s why.

First off, anybody who reads the sign, which is probably tens of thousands a day, won’t have a CLUE what it means.

What does a sign with “Kingdom of God” mean to people who don’t even go to church???

What some who used to do the church thing (or have heard of people who do), will recognize is ‘born again’–that buzzword from the 70’s generally used in the pejorative today.

Secondly, people who are churched might not even understand the sign. What does ‘seeing the Kingdom of God’ actually mean? (And apparently this whole Kingdom of God thing is only for men.)

Thirdly, the sign is wrong.

I get what they’re trying to say (or at last how I interpret it). If you haven’t said a ‘prayer’ to get to ‘heaven’ then you won’t see the ‘Kingdom’. So get on your knees and be ‘born again’!


Not only will the sign not work but the theology is wrong.

Using words like ‘Kingdom’ imply, in orthodox Christianity, the ushering in of God’s ultimately dream of righting all the wrongs. Because we live in a liminal space, the now but not yet time where the Kingdom has now been glimpsed in Christ and joined by the church, but not yet in realised in full, the Kingdom IS seen.

Ironically, the church who put up the sign ARE the ones who should be glimpsing moments of God’s Kingdom on earth by being participants in a mission to right wrongs.

Next time they should put something at least semi controversial for the right reasons, perhaps something drole? Any suggestions?