It’s exceptionally rare to hear voices speaking specifically about the Canadian missional church landscape so it’s a treat from Nelson and Fitch shot by Bill Kinnon.

Nelson/Fitch – Missional – Does the word still have value? from Bill Kinnon on Vimeo.

My sense is missional church dialogue had a start 10+ years ago when folks were doing missio Dei but didn’t use the same words. Many of those first attempts failed and we have another generation of church leaders emerging. (FYI, it would be nice to have more ‘elder’ statesmen in the mix who were at it the first go around).

The fact this discussion was preempted by the question, “does the word ‘missional’ have value?”, suggests a level of engagement with the concept. In Alberta I have found exceptionally few in the conversation, and those who are typically fall into the denominational ranks who do more talk than walk. Lots of room to expand this conversation that’s barely began.