Keep em coming! Dave Fitch and Gary Nelson filmed by the Kinnon’s.

Nelson/Fitch – Theological Education in the 21st Century from Bill Kinnon.

Pastors in Post-Christendom from Bill Kinnon.

Brief comment: I don’t think (at least in Alberta) there are many pastors who are actively contemplating their loss of cultural significance. Instead, they are almost exclusively preoccupied in the maintenance of their existing communities. Very few innovative leaders willing to take the loss and create a gospel centered community that exists for–well–the community.

I surmise there is a handful that see the writin on the wall when their congregations start declining, but most are trotting along with ‘business as usual’. Maybe I’m way off here… but if I was then I suppose we’d see far more people in the emerging church discussion….. I know in my city in Calgary it may be slowly growing, but 99% of all the churches are still conventional and happy to stay that way. (My official stat :P).