Updated March 4th.

Modern denominations, which include pretty much everyone, but I’ll pick on evangelicals because they tend to think they’re cutting edge when it comes to connecting with the world around them, are doing a poor job raising post-modern leaders from within.

Why? I think it’s because they measure success and new leaders with a modern lens and thus can only conclude inadequacy.

For leaders, in an effort to minimize the loss of new leaders, the solution is to get these individuals to prove or gain experience. Make them work in the modern attractional consumer church for a few years to see if they ‘get it’ before accepting the rick of a ‘trial’ or ‘test’ model of post-modern church.

Success, on the other hand, is not measured in the transformation of a few, but whether an event captures the attention of many. Regardless of their initiatives do anything they must at least give the impression to people that they’ve done something. Although they claim efficiency (church development) they combine energies and impact few.

What’s going to happen? Post-modern leaders won’t play the game. If postmodernity is really a completely different culture than what’s found in current evangelical modern churches, then being trained within that setting detrimental at worse and boring at best.

Here’s a discussion between two young pastors, one employed at a ’emerging-missional’ church in a modern denomination. The other, from the same denomination, can’t get affirmation to do a post-modern/missional church plant. Read on, it includes a hockey analogy 😀

D says: i got two sermons to write before i start on the conference stuff

R says: haha. the life of a modern pastor

D says: wow…you’re really cranky these days

R says: i figure i’ll talk to anybody who’ll listen….which is nobody these days

D says: you’re all suited up…u got ur skates on…great stick and glove…but u won’t play coz u wanna to change the rules b4 u step on the ice…

R says: hang on

R says: good analogy, i’m thinking

D says: i’m listening

R says: i’m all suited up, i’ve got my skates on, great stick and glove, but i won’t play cause i’d have to do it in front of a crowd that won’t even cheer along

R says: i’d rather start my own team and play with people on the ice cause everyone dreams about being on the ice

D says: they ain’t gonna listen to u until they know how hard u hit and how fast ur slapshot is

R says: who?
R says: i do’nt care about the owners
R says: all they care about is how many ticket sales they get

D says: so????

R says: they have all the money, but they only control a small segment of th epopulation
R says: little do they know that 80% of the market remains untapped ready to give

D says: this….isn’t too bad…