Seems as though some not so fun fundamentalist Christians are going all out against retail stores who replace ‘Merry Christmas’ with ‘Happy Holidays’. I’m not one for all the stupid hubub of political correctedness, but man we like to be nit picky about silly things.

Now having said that, the only people I’ve known who went OUT OF THEIR WAY to insist on ‘HAPPY HOLIDAYS’ instead of Merry Christmas were people who have been maimed in some way by the Church or the people from it. Everyone else, all other religious people and regular folks from North America know it’s Christmas and have no problems with it. They may not celebrate it, but it’s not their occasion, but it is for say 90% of the people.

maybe I’m wrong, are you for or against Merry Christmas?!

(Edit: on second look of that web site seems as though that lawfirm is profiting by selling buttons and stickers with their cause. That’s pretty iffy…..)