Red and yellow, black, and white, sing together at last.

Apparently going to a concert on Sunday morning to watch a show is how we do worship. I understand the megachurch model provides seeker services Sunday mornings, but man, since when do you revel in ‘multi cultural worship?’

Let me give you some context. America is notoriously incapable of supporting multicultural congregations. Christians in America (and Canada) just can’t get along. You see it most of the time, your congregation is a bunch of white people with the token black and asian couple.

Well apparently some ‘megachurches’ are leading the way by offering services that have more multicultural people. Well duh, everybody from every walk of life likes a concert, don’t matter who’s behind it. (I suppose it is a socialization thing too as ‘multicultural’ people (non-white) start earning more money and ‘move up the ladder’ :P) BUT, is this a ‘great trend for the emerging church?’ HECK NO.

Since when is it ‘correct’ to lump everyone together in worship?! Only a dumb megachurch (or a writer of an article) would thing that’s a good idea. Listen, the form of your corporate worship can look like many things, it doesn’t need to be vanilla. If certain cultures worship better together than by golly, let them worship with their own culture. No need to assimilate into the ‘anglo cracker worship lite’ offered at your local mega church.