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“Missional to mega: ideas for church, community, & culture.”


I didn't post anything for the Canada 150 celebrations. Here's my old prof on 100 Huntley, discussing some of the tension with the...

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Adventures to Save a Dying Church – Manuscript Done

Although I can't confirm the title, (publishers usually have final say), I can confirm my manuscript is DONE! Writing my first book (if you don't count my adult coloring book) was a huge process. What started at 90,000 words two years ago, re-written from top to...

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On the NewLeaf Podcast

I'm over at New Leaf this week on their podcast talking about my latest church plant, Cypher Church. New Leaf is a new initiative coming out of Canada. The unique Canadian perspective geared towards pioneers and planters is a needed resource not only for local...

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Renewing Vision for the Neighborhood

Here's a post I have at New Leaf. My grandma used to spend the odd Sunday strolling to service two blocks from her home. She lived during a time when everyone went to church, or in the very least knew the stories. Church was part of her routine, part of her...

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